Sylivia From the Heart



Dear every one out there, Greetings in the name of the Lord from South western Uganda. I am privileged to share with you something about my self. Well, my name is Sylvia Atuheire, I am 21 years old and my birth day is 4th September every year.

I come from a family of 5children of which I am their head. We are three girls, SYLIVIA, SCOVIA, OLIVIA, and two boys, STEVEN and ALVEN. We lost our father when I was very young and we stayed with our beloved mother who was our every thing and our hope although poor with out any job. She toiled hard for our being but unfortunately, She passed away on 6th July 2001 when I was just 12 years and our Last born was 5years.




from left, OLIVIA,SCOVIA,STEVEN, ALVEN and SYLIVIA 2006 having lunch by Rev Ken. (first time to meet)

You can imagine how young we were. This was the worst time in our life as we were left alone without any care or support for everything. It was a challenge for me as the eldest child. I was in Primary six and would be sent from school with my siblings always for fees or scholastic materials but had no where to run to. We would go back to school and most times plead with the head teacher who let us study under his or her mercy. At home we Lacked basic needs and would most times go without smearing since we lacked jelly, we would eat from outside under the moon light due to lack of kerosene, lacked soap and even utensils and house hold material. Sincerely we were living only under God’s mercy as he promises that he will never leave us alone.

I complete my primary and good enough I performed very well and was admitted to Immaculate Girls high school, the best school in Western Uganda. Guess what I didn’t have any hope of joining secondary because I had never even thought of it having got no support. To my surprise, a certain woman called Mrs. Victor, talked to the Headmistress of this school about my self and she was kind enough to accept to study offering to pay my fees. I was extremely happy with my siblings because hope rays came into my family. She made for me a foundation but unfortunately she suddenly passed away at school when I was in senior three. Good enough she had found for me some one to pay part of my fees but I was cut coz she had become my mentor and a close friend. I still had hope for the future. At this time my two sisters were completing their primary level and also didn’t have any hope for secondary. All their hopes were in me yet I was also in the same boat. I prayed to God for a plan and he answered me. This was our turning point of which I will never forget. The plan was of writing letters to any one so that we could get help but which address was I to use?

This came as a miracle; it was one Sunday when we met Mr. Chris and Mrs. Jan Catter from Australia who had come to visit south western Uganda (North kigezi diocese). They were making exercises that Sunday evening towards our home area when we met them as we were coming from Church. We went along with them and they introduced themselves to us. I was with Olivia, and when they knew of our names, they were surprised as they had a son called Steven who gave birth to a daughter called Olivia and we too, have our brother Steven. They were very happy to have met us but they didn’t know any thing about us. One day I visited our old mother’s friend whom I shared with our meeting with Jan and Chris Catter and I was surprised to find that she was their friend too so she gave me their address and I wrote to them about our family. They were kind enough to become our parents and they sincerely redeemed our family and life. May God bless and guide them forever.
They sent for us money to help in buying our needs where we bought Beddings, house hold utensils, also fixed a shutter in our window and bought many things which we did not have at home. They also introduced us to Rev. Kenneth Berkin who has become our father and through Friends of North Kigezi diocese; we have had much hope for the future. Rev Ken visits us every time he comes to Uganda which encourages us a lot. He has made for us many good friends who have helped us a lot. I praise God for his endless love and care. They built for us a kitchen, bought for us a goat and have worked on our house which was almost being knocked down by the water and have promised to continue working on it to make it better.He truly has the best plans for us and knows his best time to do his best. Plan with God and you find the best plan ever in life.

Through friends of North kigezi God has done much in south western Uganda where many Children have been helped through their education, and well being. Sponsors have been found for the needy families which had lost hope. My brothers are now sponsored and this has really helped our family to get hope of education although we meet many challenges but we count our selves blessed for the true encouraging friends we have and we pray for more friends. I pray that my sisters may also get sponsors so that they are happy and they get good education and are not disturbed. I always plead with the school authorities to be patient with my sisters so that they study, good enough they most times accept and study under debts until we get the fees.

At home all hopes are on me for basic needs like food, scholastic materials, and other things so we have to plan as a family through family meetings and we dig for our food during holidays and we plan for the little we have very well. If we get any money, I have to buy the most needed things for home like food, salt, paraffin and those that one can’t live without. Although it is a big challenge to care for the children who are almost of my age, God is great that he gives me the potential to do it. He gave me this family and so I have to try my best that we are all well.

We have managed to pass through this life by
• Prayer where by we pray together and keep united.
• Holding family meetings and we plan what to do next, advice each other on how to behave.
• Accepting our selves the way we are and knowing where we come from this has helped us not fall into trouble and have hope.
• Respecting each other and being good to all. As a family and our neighbors this has brought about cooperation.
• Going to Church where we get pieces of advice and we also listen to advice.
• We love each other and each one knows his or her responsibility at home.
• We love education and know that it is a key to success.

I completed my secondary level and I am still waiting to join the higher institution though the tuition is very high and very expensive but I believe that WITH GOD AND YOUR SUPPORT ALL THINGS WILL BE POSSIBLE.

During my vacation this year 2009, I offered to volunteer to work with Friends of North Kigezi Diocese in the villages where most of their projects are. I have learned a lot through the interaction with the different needy people who tell me their problems and I encourage them through my life experience thus gaining hope for the future. We were three girls who volunteered but one has already reported to school and another one went to wait for her admission so I am now left alone to supervise and do the work. It is very interesting although one meets many challenges of which I pray that YOU may help us over come. Those who have come to Uganda can witness this, families and children without basic needs and hope for the future.

I always meet many needy children who have lost their parents and are passing through very difficult life of which I am a witness and I really feel pity for I understand it all so I decided to take photos of these children so that through Friends of North Kigezi Diocese, we can help these children. I am compiling information about each child so that you can have at least one to support if you can please. It will be my happiest thing if sponsors are found for these children. Please every one there, kindly support these children of Uganda. May God bless you.
I thank you all sponsors who have managed to give a helping hand and all the people, Children and all are sincerely grateful. May the good Lord reward you forever. Amen.


With love and Prayers, yours Friend and Daughter SYLVIA ATUHEIRE