Christmas Newsletter 2017



Dear All, Christmas Greetings 2017 from FNKD,
As we come to the end of year 2017, a wonderful year for our charity, it’s time for us to reflect on all that’s been achieved and to thank our loyal and dedicated supporters and sponsors.
It’s the end of the school year in Uganda and today we have heard the first results coming through and all of our children in the Children Centre, we are pleased to share, have been promoted into the next class. On 1st December we took in an eleven month old orphan baby girl named Gift – our Advent baby, which makes our children numbers up to 24. The children really have done remarkably well and we are so proud of all of them. Eunice and her staff continue to do commendable work – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, there is much to do to care for these vulnerable young ones.
As part of our ongoing training and development of our 12 Ugandan staff we asked Eunice to organise a training workshop covering areas such as safeguarding and child protection, child development, and correct protocol to deal with any matters arising especially for field workers visiting families in their homes. This is the first known workshop of this kind and will be repeated with updated legislation in 2018. At the end of the day all staff proudly received a certificate of attendance.
Although our village children somehow continue to manage their young lives they face daily challenges which are mainly due to lack of food, clean water and good sanitation facilities. Our Field Workers visit each family on our programme in their homes and schools on a weekly basis to encourage them to study hard for a brighter future and make the best use of their small land and what they have. Some of our young people are doing very well indeed and we and our staff feel tremendously gratified when children like Nuwamanyah Stuart, who, by Christmas this year, will qualify as a primary school teacher – a most wonderful achievement for a young orphan boy who raised himself to where he is now.
FNKD responded to the plight of several nursery and primary schools with a supply of food, blankets, toys and stationary to the very young ones, the construction of a new six stance latrine and the repair of guttering and a concrete water tank. In 2018 we intend to install a lightening conductor at a local primary school as lightning storms have caused the loss of lives and fires in schools where they’ve not been installed.
Earlier this year we were alerted to a major famine and drought in our remote villages in the Rift Valley and felt the need to respond. We ran a social media campaign to raise awareness of the problem and seek funds and we felt the response was overwhelming. As a result of detailed research undertaken by our managers in Uganda we launched a famine relief programme and over a two week period we distributed 9300 kg of posho (maize meal and staple diet) to some 900 or more families.


Two of our Trustees were in Uganda at the time and they assisted with off- loading and distribution of the 10kg bags of food to the hundreds of people who came forward. The villagers were very happy and relieved as they felt their plight had been seen and their hope was restored.
From our talks with the villagers and leaders it became apparent that the major reason for food shortages was the lack of clean and sustainable water. We therefore commissioned a water engineer to assist us and we managed to locate three fresh water springs that were just bubbling from the ground and getting lost and wasted. A spring protection programme, including a concrete holding tank was priced from local contractors and the necessary funds were raised from Churches, Rotary Clubs and many devoted individuals. The project is now completed within a month and now clean, fresh water is available for the first time in history.


Our future development is to complete outstanding building work at our Children’s Centre in Bucence and also our proposed ante natal and maternity unit in the nearby village of Maaya.
We very much value your continued sponsorship of the many children on our books as you really are making a difference to their daily lives and have given them hope for the future.
We would like to thank each and every one of you and wish you a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year.