Letter from the Headmistress

Mukama Asiimwe (Praise the Lord)!
It gives me joy to write about the plight of the sponsored students. When a new name appears on the list of the newly sponsored students it is a joy in the school.One of the huddles that we go through as school administrators is sending students back home for fees. It is so hard when we are sending this girl back home and we are not sure whether they will come back or not. Some girls cry that they know there is no money at home and we at times do not know what to do with them.I am very grateful to the Friends of North Kigezi for the great support they have given to the school through sponsoring these girls. A total of 28 girls have been supported. The girls’ self esteem has been raised; they have a confidence amongst their friends and are assured of a future. It has also greatly lessened the burden of sending away students and the pressure associated with it. We are indebted and challenged to do what we can to team up with the sponsors to give these young girls a future and a hope by God’s grace.Thank you, thank you again. Kabigumira JollyHeadmistressKinyasano Girls’ High Schools